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Manage your client engagement

In just a few minutes, you can steer the behavior of a visitor by creating a personalized targeting campaign. Set a goal, target your clientele and adapt your engagement strategy. Depending on his browsing behavior, the user receives an invitation to talk via proactive live chat or a customized marketing push.

For example, to promote additional sales, you can target users who have 3 items in their cart, or users with a basket over €100, or users who have visited various product pages on your website, etc.

Engage conversation

Watcheezy identifies high potential visitors and sends them a personalized invitation to chat. Customer engagement is instantaneous and efficient.

Features of Watcheezy's click-to-chat

Proactive live chat

Trigger the sending of an invitation to talk with targeted users via live chat.

Pre-recorded sentences

Pre-program sentences and combine efficiency with processing speed.

Chat transfert

Transfer the chat to the service or the staff member concerned with a single click.

Chat personalization

Personalize the design (size, color, position, etc.) and the conditions for the appearance of the chat box.

Chat history

Access your chat history and optimize the quality of your answers.

Satisfaction survey

Measure customer satisfaction after a chat.