The calling widget or immediate recall is integrated on your website through a line of code. In just a few minutes, you can convert more users into incoming calls.


By installing the widget, your customers can contact you at any time. You can also set schedules to display the widget during your opening hours.


Offer a communication channel that customers know and love. Meet your online shoppers' immediate needs, reassure them and convert them.

Simplify the contact with your clients

With one click, your visitors can request an immediate free call

The features integrated into Watcheezy

Targeting engine

Setup scenarios for the appearance of the widget. For example: display the call back or the marketing push after a given amount of time.


Customize your widget design (position on the page, color, text...) and the conditions for its appearance (what time, for which type of visitor, etc.)

Email alert

For each new incoming call, you will receive an email with the phone number of the user who requested a Callback.

Call history

Access your call history to assess your performance. You will find the date of the call, the name and phone number of the caller, the IP, etc.

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