Drive your business to success

The analytics allow you to access your agents’ chat history, monitor their performance, and achieve your objectives.

In the backoffice, the displayed analytics focus on performance and the conversion rate, and give you data on :

● Coverage rate
● Response rate
● Conversion rate
● Your agents’ performance

The superagent who created the Watcheezy license accesses statistics from its backoffice, using any type of device.

Measure your return on investment (ROI)

Your agents’ performance

Track your agents’ performance (response rate, missed chats, average chat time). Each agent has an email and password that are unique to them, so you can identify the best agents.

Sales statistics

By placing a tag on the payment confirmation page, track the sales generated up to 30 days after the chat. Measure the conversion rate and the turnover created thanks to the live chat.

Leads export

Access the table of leads filled in by your agents and measure the rate of conversion into leads. Through CSV export feature, insert the data in your CRM for optimal tracking of the generated leads.

Chat history

Access all your chat history and monitor each agent’s conversations. The history can also be viewed on the visitor sheet for online users who have already had a chat session with an agent.

Satisfaction rate

At the end of each conversation, you can decide to send a satisfaction questionnaire to your client. The responses to the questionnaire can be accessed from the backoffice.

Data import

Import your third-party data into Watcheezy (ex: connected client, client from an Adwords campaign, IP connected to a corporate entity, etc.). The information is directly loaded on the visitor sheet of the user.