Lead acquisition for Services and Sales - EEZY LEAD

Want to qualify visitors and find out which product they’re interested in? Need agents to never miss a chat or opportunity to qualify a lead? Let’s work together. Only pay per lead or sale. Choose our EEZY LEAD offer. Agents guide your customers in real time and increase conversions and revenue. Deliver better customer service and raise customer satisfaction. Watcheezy manages agents and delivers leads in real time. Only the monthly fee isn’t altered. Consult our offers .

Price per sale

For each sale we assist, we get a sales commission.

Price per lead

Find out what your visitors are interested in and receive their contact information.

Bring in incremental sales

“Operators reassure our customers, help them through their customer journey and upsell various items. We saw a 10% increase in our turnover." testifies Yann Le Cardiet, Parapharmacie Anglaise
Yann Le Cardiet, Parapharmacie Anglaise

“We are now able to convert people, that probably would not have contacted us, into new leads. It differentiates us from competitors and increases sales. We convert 33% of our qualified prospects post chat.” testifies Typhaine Prado, sales manager at Gites d'Armor.
Typhaine Prado, Gites d'Armor


Training of agents

Live chat management

Lead qualification

Direct lead transfer

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