A divine digital era

A divine digital eraIt’s too late to backtrack now. We’re in too deep. We have officially thwarted the laws of nature and defied the Gods. We are condemned to carry the weight of our stilted visionary outlook on life. We mustn’t quiver, but kneel proudly and endure the consequences of our actions, akin to Atlas, sentenced to bear Uranus on his shoulders for leading the Titans in the Titanomachy war against the Gods. That being said, defying the Gods has led both the Titans and us, mere mortals, to a glorious victory. The man-fabricated digital era has revolutionized our primal state into a god-like status. We know all, see all, do all, anytime, anywhere.

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5 ways to give your CX game plan the kick it needs

CX game planA loud brouhaha, a field greener than green, painted faces and waving flags. The whistle blows and kicks-off the game! The UEFA Euro 2016 has caused a sweet frenzy in the air as thousands of fans around Europe gather in hopes of seeing their country reach the finals. All eyes are on the players, who secretly look to their coaches for guidance. The latters are perfecting their game plan to ensure a victory. You can do the same! Use these 5 tips to polish your customer experience strategy!

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How to rationally play on a customer’s emotions?

Play on a customer's emotionsEmotions are part of our human nature. They’re personal, yet common to all. Their stream is constant and unpredictable; subject to tormented waters despite a rationalization of the situation. Shakespeare, Racine, Goethe and many others converted these emotional roller-coasters into theatrical plays appreciated worldwide. The overflowing media has been depicting its own reality for years by playing on people’s emotions. Why not also use our inherent passions to your advantage?

In The Prince, Machiavel reveals how to govern others’ passions to keep one’s power. His advice is geared towards princes. However, the 16th-century Princedoms can also apply to corporations. Keep your customers’ loyalty by owning their emotions.

In his treatise Passions of the Soul, Descartes identifies six “primitive” passions: wonder, love, hatred, desire, joy and sadness. Each one of these emotions can be rationally used to increase brand awareness, conversion rates and customer retention.

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Why get personal with your customers?

Why get personal According to Comarketing, 67% of cyberbuyers say they would rather purchase in a store online offering personalized services. This buyer’s behavior has revolutionized the way we do business. Clients are now the center of attention. They expect to be wooed by their many suitors. They will have no qualms going to a competitor if the suitor does not meet their expectations even though they may be repeat customers. A customized service, much like a courtship, is your best bet to win over the heart of your customers. If nothing else, personalization is a win-win strategy: Internet users live a quality customer experience and the website’s performances improve in all aspects: average cart content, loyalty, conversion rates, etc.

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Customer experience: 7 figures relating to the use of a predictive live chat

7 reasons

Consumers want a quality customer service. The time has come to build relationships and to humanize the browsing experience. Evidently, to offer a quality customer service to your visitors, you have to have the right tools to meet their needs. Predictive live chat solutions give your Internet users a personalized and humanized experience which improves satisfaction, commitment, conversion and average cart rates.

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4 tips to keep your customers loyal

customer loyaltyCompanies work hard at earning their customers’ loyalty. However, once they get it, they tend to slack off and no longer set as a priority the satisfaction of devoted clients. Loyal customers still need and expect personal contact and advice. Satisfying their eagerness to be heard won’t cost you as much as you may think! It would be a preemptive strike, much like giving your wife a large bouquet of flowers for your 40th wedding anniversary – could spare you huge legal fees. Showing your longstanding clients that you care and are paying attention to their wants and needs could save you a lot of money! It’s 5 to 7 times cheaper to gain a customer’s loyalty and keep it, than to search for new prospects and attempt to convert them into clients.

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5 commandments to make your customers happy

5 commandments to make your client happy

Nowadays, gaining a client’s loyalty is 5 to 7 times cheaper than searching for prospects and converting them into clients. No matter the size of your company, gaining your client’s loyalty is crucial. According to a study, 68% of customers no longer purchase a brand’s products if they felt neglected, and of those 68%, 14% do the same if the quality of service was insufficient. Converting a prospect into a client can sometimes be challenging and expensive, so might as well do whatever it takes to earn their loyalty. And what better way to do so then making them happy? To help you in this endeavor, here are 5 tips to satisfy your customers.

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4 pieces of advice to improve the quality of your chat assistance

4 steps to get the most out of chat assistance

Reactivity must be your ally

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, whether it be in terms of the quality of the product, its availability, the speed of the website, etc. But they are also increasingly impatient, particularly when it comes to getting assistance. Incidentally, 63% of French Internet users say that too long of a waiting time is the most “irritating” of circumstances. An estimated too long waiting period is estimated according to the communication channel: 2 to 4 minutes for assistance via phone call, less than 24h via email and less than 2 minutes via chat. Beyond this timeframe, the probability that the visitor gets frustrated and leaves the website is greater. Reactivity is a major challenge since 34% of Internet users find reactivity and availability of the customer service to be one of the main criteria for satisfaction.

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