Time for a reality check

VirtualThe word escape is a fickle and deceitful concept, much like Iago in Shakespeare’s play Othello, who plots and manipulates by trapping others in a tangled web of lies and playing on their weaknesses. The first image that comes to mind when thinking of the word escape is usually the structure of a massive and heavily guarded prison, where mean, rugged crooks and gangsters pay their debt to society. The second image that comes to mind is that of personal avoidance, even flight, from something we fear or dread dealing with. Both times, the word escape brings us to consider elements exterior to us. Yet we all try to break free within, on a daily basis, and no hooligans nor specific trembling matters at hand are to blame. We instinctively attempt to escape our own lives.The long for evasion is such that we’ve heedlessly established levels, according to the desired degree of immersed state.

The least hypnotic status is the “passive escape”, reached when watching a popcorn movie. The next level is the “active escape”, attained with intense daydreaming. The last and most effective mesmerizing state is the “passively active escape”, aka “virtual reality”.

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A divine digital era

A divine digital eraIt’s too late to backtrack now. We’re in too deep. We have officially thwarted the laws of nature and defied the Gods. We are condemned to carry the weight of our stilted visionary outlook on life. We mustn’t quiver, but kneel proudly and endure the consequences of our actions, akin to Atlas, sentenced to bear Uranus on his shoulders for leading the Titans in the Titanomachy war against the Gods. That being said, defying the Gods has led both the Titans and us, mere mortals, to a glorious victory. The man-fabricated digital era has revolutionized our primal state into a god-like status. We know all, see all, do all, anytime, anywhere.

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To chat or not to chat? That is the question…

To chat or not to chatSince the dawn of time, mankind has sought ways to better communicate, no matter the challenges at hand. He has grunted, mimed, talked, used body language, sign language, paralanguage; he has scribbled, sketched, written, typed, texted and tweeted. As the Shakespearian voice fades away and is replaced by a not-yet identifiable spoken language,  the written word has taken an unforeseeable spin. The NICT (New Information and Communication Technologies) have made it possible for us to speak, instantly, with a trained professional, through typing or texting, to get information on a desired product or service. Click-to-chat has revolutionized our shopping experience with immediate personal assistance. However, most of us regress to our primitive state when faced with a new high-tech product or service. We stare at it, slowly slide forward, gently tap it before rushing back to our observation post. This article exposes the state-of-the-art creature so you can make an informed decision as: “To chat or not to chat?”.


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Online sellers! Rise to the challenge set by Formidable Ecommerçant!

formidable-ecommercant 2

formidable-ecommercant 2

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past ten years, it shall come as no surprise to you when I say that we are well-established in a digitalization era. The phenomenon is worldwide and increasing in magnitude. One particularly interesting aspect of this new reality is the rapid growth of the fairly late e-commerce market. Take France for example. According to a study conducted by FEVAD, the e-commerce market increased by 14.3% in 2015, which translates into 64.9 billion euro spent on the Internet. By the end of 2016, the market will have hiked another 10% and crossed the 70 billion euro line in online sales. No wonder some have taken an interest in this novelty.

What is Formidable Ecommerçant ?

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5 ways to give your CX game plan the kick it needs

CX game planA loud brouhaha, a field greener than green, painted faces and waving flags. The whistle blows and kicks-off the game! The UEFA Euro 2016 has caused a sweet frenzy in the air as thousands of fans around Europe gather in hopes of seeing their country reach the finals. All eyes are on the players, who secretly look to their coaches for guidance. The latters are perfecting their game plan to ensure a victory. You can do the same! Use these 5 tips to polish your customer experience strategy!

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How to rationally play on a customer’s emotions?

Play on a customer's emotionsEmotions are part of our human nature. They’re personal, yet common to all. Their stream is constant and unpredictable; subject to tormented waters despite a rationalization of the situation. Shakespeare, Racine, Goethe and many others converted these emotional roller-coasters into theatrical plays appreciated worldwide. The overflowing media has been depicting its own reality for years by playing on people’s emotions. Why not also use our inherent passions to your advantage?

In The Prince, Machiavel reveals how to govern others’ passions to keep one’s power. His advice is geared towards princes. However, the 16th-century Princedoms can also apply to corporations. Keep your customers’ loyalty by owning their emotions.

In his treatise Passions of the Soul, Descartes identifies six “primitive” passions: wonder, love, hatred, desire, joy and sadness. Each one of these emotions can be rationally used to increase brand awareness, conversion rates and customer retention.

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Measuring and listening to customer satisfaction, a real asset for your website

Measuring and listening to customer satisfactionWhy gauge it?

A market overflowing with competitors is making it crucial for companies today to pay attention to their customers’ satisfaction. The quality of service delivered to clients has become a key instrument to stand apart from competitors and gain added value. To live up to your clients’ expectations, you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and know if your promises to customers are kept.

“You need to meet your client’s expectations”, that’s the first thing you need to remember from this article.

How to measure it?

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Culture vélo uses click to chat to generate client visits in their store

Culture vélo23% increase in conversion rates because visitors are assisted via chat

Presentation of the Culture Vélo establishment

Part of the Cyclelab group and the number on in sales channel for bicycles in France, Culture vélo sells new and second-hand bicycles, parts and accessories. With over 15 years of experience, Culture vélo owns today 80 shops and offers a very wide range of products – over 60,000 references.

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