Immediate assistance for qualified visitors

Our targeting algorithm helps you to identify the most qualified visitors in real time. Because your teams are not extendible, invite subtly and cleverly your prospects to chat with you. Offer immediate assistance at key browsing moments to visitors that need support or are about to abandon their shopping cart.

Targeting rhymes with getting better results

"Targeting allows us to filter requests instantly. From implementing behavioral targeting, we qualify approximately 30% more contacts per month, resulting in a 15% increase in our turnover." Caroll, Logoandco.
"Thanks to behavioral targeting, advisors can identify client navigation paths and answer their questions in a targeted manner, without being intrusive in their navigation. We have increased our sales by 15%." Amaury, Kite Plus.
"The multichannel solution (phone, email, and chat) facilitates client contact, and the proactive chat allows us to generate contacts. 2/3 of the chats converted into qualified prospects are initiated by the operators."Thibaud, BodemerAuto.

A powerful targeting engine

Target only qualified visitors in real time. Targeting filters, campaign reach, tracking the purchase tunnel... You can set everything up.

Become proactive

Offer your assistance to targeted users (clients abandoning carts, clients who need support...). Proactively invite your visitors by sending them a personalized invitation.

Refine your targeting

Duration of the browsing session, key visited pages in the purchasing funnel, geolocation, etc. Single out prospects most prone to conversion based on their browsing behavior. Refine your targeting by adding your CRM and ERP data.

Identify the ideal purchase path on your website

Our experts help you define your targeting filters

Our e-relationship experts are here to help you define the best behavioral targeting strategy. We work closely with you to outline your goals and quantify them. Then, our team assesses your lead generation process,reviews your website closely, and recommends the best targeting criteria. Our priority is to guarantee a successful use of proactive chatting.

"We individually tend to our clients in order to be as efficient as possible without incurring any additional costs. The challenge? Targeting high potential prospects to not eat into sales that would have occurred without the chat tool.".
Erwan Minier, CEO

"We define together the best time to start the conversation. We make your agents aware of the issues related to the provision of information about the Internet user, and we advise them on best practices".
Marie Constantin, Responsable Customer Happiness

We define the best targeting strategy along with you

Client path and bounce rate analysis

Development of the behavioral targeting strategy

Configuration, integration, training, and launch

Performance monitoring and strategy optimization