Increase customer satisfaction

Boost conversion rates

Increase shopping cart value

Identify high value customers

Who we are

Watcheezy is a real time website visitor behavior and profiling solution with integrated Click to chat. Watcheezy highlights your highest potential visitors, alerts you when to personally assist them and gets you in touch. Turn browsers into buyers, with live and personal assistance to answer their questions and guide their purchases by chat or video.

Our costumers

This tool allows us to get in touch with our customers and advise them on various products sold and / or support their purchases. This is an ideal tool to boost customer satisfaction.

Watcheezy was easy to install and easy to use. Watcheezy allows us to be more proactive and respond quickly and directly to the people involved.

Why choose us

  • Watcheezy’s real time predictive targeting identifies higher potential visitors and puts them in touch with your inside sales agents. Whether visitors request assistance, are about to abandon the shopping cart or are in need of assistance your agents are alerted to intelligently offer help.

  • Make online customer relationships as good as offline ones – delight your online customers. Provide instant, free, professional support.

  • Potential customers browse your website. Qualify your visitors through real time profiling and behavior analytics. Focus on your high potential visitors and lower the cost of your support.

Real Time alerts

Receive alerts when high potential visitors are online, connecting with potential customers via chat or video to assist, guide and build relationships.

Real Time Analytics

Watcheezy provides the agents with all the insight they need to support each visitor: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, salesforce datas, search engine keywords, referring website, navigation history, physical location, and more…

Click to chat

Visitors appreciate chat when it can answer their personal questions about selecting a product – especially if the product is complex. Send intelligent targeted message to your high potential visitors.

Live chat video

Assist customers in real time, as you would in a physical store. Start targeted face-to-face communication and engage customers.